A Customized
Amenity to Enhance Guest Experience

Built for Front Desks and Concierges
Give guests the great local experiences they ask for
Share your recommendations on the mobile phones of guests
Centralize your property among guests’ local experiences
Be more eco-friendly by eliminating paper lists
Provide automated point-to-point directions from your lobby

Why Every Hotel Needs Fingertip Concierge

Increase staff efficiency by streamlining repetitive tasks
Connect guests with authentic, local experiences
Reduce time answering frequently asked questions
Save on printing costs by investing in eco-friendly technology

Hotel Team Expertise Integrated with NextGen Technology

Your recommendations organized by category
Links to reservations and deliveries
Valuable money saving deals posted in real time
Linked to UBER ride share from every recommended place
Mapping with point-to-point directions from your hotel lobby
Local events calendar available as a feature of full access subscription
Recommendation Categories
Business Managed Local Coupons
Engaging, Informative Recommendations
Branded to Your Property

Increase Revenues at Hotel Properties

Promote your property’s food and beverage opportunities
Tell guests about on-property events
Incentivize guest spending with trackable deals
Highlight your great restaurants and bars

How to Get Going Today

Accept our 30-Day free offer to start giving tourists the local experiences they’re looking for while increasing up sell revenues at you property.

Success Support

We’re here to ensure success. We’ve boiled our advanced technology down to a simple dashboard that requires no technical expertise. Our licensees can manage every aspect of their mobile concierge in minutes.

Simple Integration

Make your property the center of your guests’ local experience while increasing sales at your own business. Our system is a money-maker that is readily deployed at all check-in points.